sevenberry april 2024 fabric release

Sevenberry April 2024 Release

Sevenberry’s latest fabric release April 2024

The Sevenberry April 2024 release features a diverse selection of prints, from Vintage American fabrics and Traditional Japanese treasures to Novelty fabrics featuring curious cats and suspicious bears!

Get ready to rev, soar and float into a world of American Vintage prints from Sevenberry
Dive into Sevenberry’s Animal World collection, showcasing a lively mix of land mammals like bears and elephants, to the depths of the oceans with crafty crabs and whales!
Botanical, a tribute to the artistry of nature, with intricate florals and plant-life illustrations, all printed on high-quality, anti-pilling cotton for diverse creative projects!
Deco is a contemporary twist on classic designs, featuring bold geometrics and stylized nature motifs on a robust cotton-linen blend, perfect for unique crafts and projects.
Capturing the exuberant spirit of celebrations with vivid patterns and playful designs, making it perfect for children’s apparel and vibrant springtime crafts!
Timeless elegance with intricate floral patterns, rooted in classic design yet perfect for modern sewing projects.
Step into the playful world of Sevenberry’s Honobono Cats, featuring cheeky feline friends prowling around on Cotton Linen.
Do these bears look suspicious to you? What are they up to? We aren’t sure, regardless, we know they’re here to bring a smile to your face and liven up any sewing project you can dream up!
These tiny little joyous Sevenberry fabrics are sprinkled with whimsical fruit and vibrant flowers, turning any crafting corner into a playground of imagination. Perfect for pocket linings or a summer dress, this cotton collection is sure to add a little pocket of joy to both your sewing and your day!
Understated elegance of Sevenberry’s Muted Florals, a monochromatic medley that proves simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Each print showcases large, bold florals in shades of black, white, and grey, with an occasional pop of colour.
It’s a Strawberry Party! Infuse your creations with a burst of Sevenberry Strawberries.
Bright sunflower fabric blooms with radiant yellow petals and lush green leaves

Start A New Sewing Project!

These adorable little scented hearts will keep your wardrobe or drawers smelling fresh (and they make wonderful gifts)!
This pattern takes the humble tote to a whole new level of style, making it perfect as a gift or for when you need a bag that’s practical but elegant!
Add some fun to your kitchen with this heat-resistant oven glove in contrasting fabrics.