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Dashwood Studio

Dashwood Studio is a small UK design house set up in 2013 with one simple aim: to bring you innovative, contemporary fabrics that will challenge and inspire your creative soul.

Spellbound Lookbook

Step into the enchanting world of Sally Mountain’s Spellbound

christmas 2023 lookbook thumb

Christmas 2023 Collections

Dashwood Studio Festive collections for 2023!

puppy pool party lookbook thumb

Puppy Pool Party

It’s a Puppy Pool Party! Embark on a carefree trip to the beach with your mischevious furry companion by your side.

Forest Whispers

Step into the captivating realm of Forest Whispers, a bewitching collection that embodies the spirit of Halloween.

Robert Kaufman

Robert Kaufman Co, Inc. is a converter of quilting fabrics and textiles for retailers and manufacturers. Lookbooks provided by Robert Kaufman.

RK Spring 2023

Robert Kaufman's Spring 2023 Featured collections lookbook!


Highland Flannel

Comprising of 37 traditional Scottish and Irish flannel patterns, from tartans to houndstooth. Highland Flannel is the perfect collection for creating warm and cozy clothing for this wintery season!

Dutch Heritage

Shannon Fabrics

Archived Lookbooks

Previous lookbook collections.

Spring Alphabet

“... Sometimes we get four seasons in one day so don’t forget your Wellington boots you may need them!”

Strawberry Tea

“...Tasty cakes made in the kitchen and chickens that roam freely also had to feature in the collection, again inspired by a folky theme.”

Winter 2022

The Winter 2022 Lookbook features 5 Christmassy Collections, including 2 festive advent calendars that are sure to get you into the festive spirit this Christmas!

Safari Days

Kate follows up Farm Days with her new collection Safari Days, 6 small scale prints including Tigers, Hippos and Giraffes in a rich earthy colour palette ideal for all your Autumnal sewing projects.

Happy Veg

Hot on the heels of Happy Fruit comes Happy Veg! 6 prints celebrating all things green! Squash, Carrots and a veggie mash up feature in this fun collection of prints guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Stylish and just a little spooky, Twilight is Bethan’s take on Halloween. In her uniquely decorative style, Bethan makes the the macabre. Magical skulls, bats, snakes and owls are mixed with florals in this hauntingly beautiful collection of prints which will cast you under its spell.

Aquatic Paradise

Explore the underwater world in Louise’s new collection featuring teeming Coral reefs, Sting Rays and Cuttlefish painted in her loose, illustrative style. The collection includes a charming double border print and is perfect for modern quilting and childrens clothing.

Flutter By

Inspired by gardens bursting with blooms and the beautiful butterflies and the little creatures that live amongst the flowers. Decorative florals and foliage are celebrated in a bright summery palette along with dancing dragonflies, snails, bees and ladybugs.

Dandelion Jungle

With a bright and cheerful colour palette, Dandelion Jungle is a mini safari adventure. Meet up with happy and playful animals, from smiley crocodiles, leaping tigers, hide-and-seek snakes, singing toucans, prancing zebras to the king of the jungle, the dandy lion himself, on your journey!

Happy Fruit

Happy Fruit is a playful collection inspired by the simple joy of a summer fruit salad on a bright sunny day. Featuring an array of happy fruit characters including lovely lemons, sweet strawberries and perfect pears.

Summer Fun

A mini collection of fun, playful prints inspired by long hot days spent at the beach , cute characters enjoying an ice cream or a sail on the surf are mixed with colourful prints of beach huts , seaside creatures and smiley suns.


Penguins play under starry skies With hints of shimmering metallic, Arctic is the perfect collection for all your Winter sewing projects.


A funky and floral Corduroy collection by Sholto, bringing back the 60’s vibe

Night & Day

Amy’s debut collection, Night and Day comprises of 6 beautiful designs featuring decorative insects, florals, moons and stars in colourways that run from light and playful to dark night themed prints with bright jewelled accents of pink, rust and purple.

Blast Off

Inspired by NASA’s recent trip to Mars, Blast Off is a fun new collection of Space themed prints for all intergalactic dreamers and future space travellers!


Roar brings to life a long lost world of erupting volcanos, lush foliage and giant creatures that once roamed the Jurassic landscape. Swooping Pterodactyls, Stegosaurus and Triceratops feature in Bethan stylish new collection which will delight both Adults and Children alike.


Playtime makes learning fun! This bright & unique collection of colourful prints offers endless possibilities of things to make.