dashwood studio summer 2024

Dashwood Studio Summer 2024 Collections

Halloween and Christmas in Summer? Explore the latest Dashwood collections releasing this Summer!

Unveil the Magic of Dashwood Studio's Summer 2024 Collections

Embrace the radiance of summer with Dashwood Studio’s Summer 2024 Collections!

Step into Spellbound for a mystical occult journey, celebrate a decade of Dashwood with Decade Panel, and it’s time to get festive with Wonderful Christmas Time, Candy Cane Christmas, and the Bright & Jolly Advent Calendar.



Step into the enchanting world of Sally Mountain’s Spellbound from Dashwood Studio, where curious cats, occult apothecaries, and hauntingly beautiful florals come together to create a spellbinding tapestry of Halloween-inspired wonders.

decade panel dashwood studio


Celebrating 10 years of Dashwood Studio! Decade is a collaborative project featuring many of the designers who have worked with us over the past 10 years.

wonderful christmas time dashwood studio

Wonderful Christmas Time

Discover the enchanting charm of Jane Farnham’s Wonderful Christmas Time! A whimsical journey through a winter wonderland that’s guaranteed to add a sprinkle of festive joy to any quilt or craft.

Beautifully complemented by an advent calendar print!

candy cane christmas dashwood studio

Candy Cane Christmas

A vibrant celebration of festive cheer and cosy winter motifs. Featuring whimsical Christmas stockings, intricately wrapped gifts, and traditional yuletide elements, all adorned in a rich palette that encapsulates the warmth and joy of the season.

bright and jolly advent calendar dashwood studio

Bright & Jolly Advent

Deck your halls with the festive charm of the Bright & Jolly Advent Calendar by Kate McFarlane, featuring 25 charming illustrations that encapsulate the holiday spirit, from snowy escapades to cosy gingerbread homes.

sapphire skies dashwood studio

Sapphire Skies

Sapphire Skies blends the tranquillity of azure lakes with the calming hums of hummingbirds in a subtle and light sapphire-blue colour palette.


Summer Tapestry

Tapestry by Sholto is a vivid dance of hues that captures the spontaneous joy of a serenade of colour, where each large floral print blossoms with the vibrant essence of summer’s embrace.

Neon Bloom

Neon Bloom brings summer to life with bursts of vibrant colours and oversized florals. It’s a collection that’s as lively and spirited as a sunny day, inviting you to bask in its playful and bright patterns. Perfect for anyone looking to add a pop of joy to their day!

Sundown & Skylight

Sundown & Skylight brings a splash of abstract charm, combining gentle hues with light and airy colours, adding a touch of whimsy and brightness to your wardrobe!

Start A New Sewing Project!

These adorable little scented hearts will keep your wardrobe or drawers smelling fresh (and they make wonderful gifts)!
This pattern takes the humble tote to a whole new level of style, making it perfect as a gift or for when you need a bag that’s practical but elegant!
Add some fun to your kitchen with this heat-resistant oven glove in contrasting fabrics.