Trick or Treat Bunting | Sewing Project

This spooky-cute trick or treat bunting is the perfect way to decorate your home for Halloween fun!

Trick or Treat Halloween Bunting

Trick or Treat by Lisa Dolson
Sewing Project by by Anna Alicia

“This spooky-cute bunting is the perfect way to decorate your home for Halloween fun! I’ve used fabric from the Trick or Treat collection by Stephanie Thannhauser, with its adorable little monsters and friendly ghosts!”

What you’ll need

To make approximately 1.5m of bunting:

– 1/4m (fat or long quarter will do) each in 4 different quilting weight fabrics
(I’ve used 2184, 2185, 2186 and 2188)
– 2m cotton bias binding (2.5cm wide) in a coordinating colour
– Templates provided
– Rotary cutter and cutting board (useful but not essential!)
– Standard Sewing kit

Let’s get started!

1. Print out the templates and cut out one of each.

2. Lay out one of your fabrics (making sure the pattern is the right way up) and fold (right-sides in) from left to right.

We’ll cut three shapes from each fabric (or more if you want to make longer bunting!), so choose which templates you’d like to use for your first fabric.

Draw around your chosen template/s with tailors’ chalk and cut out (a rotary cutter and cutting board is handy for this, but scissors are fine if you don’t have these).

Pin each of your pairs together.

3. Repeat step 2 with each of your fabrics, making 12 pairs in a mix of shapes/sizes.

4. Sew along the side/bottom edges of each pair, with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving the top edge open.

5. Trim across the corner seam allowance of each shape and snip into the seam allowance of any internal corners (this gives neater corners when you turn your shapes right-way-out)

6. Turn your shapes right-way-out and give them a good press.

7. Lay out your finished shapes in a row and play around with the placement so that you have a good mix of patterns and shapes throughout the length of the bunting.

8. Take your length of bias binding and fold, right-side out, so that the long edges meet, pressing as you go.

9. Starting roughly 20cm in from one end of your binding, tuck the top edge of one of your shapes inside the folded binding, pinning in place.

10. Leaving roughly 3cm between each, continue pinning shapes in place all the way along your strip.

Make sure to leave at least 20cm of binding free at the end of your bunting.

11. Sew all the way along your binding, roughly 2mm from its open edge.

12. At each end of your bunting, fold the binding under by roughly 1cm then fold by 3-4cm to make a small loop. Sew these loops in place and use to hang your bunting up!

Happy Halloween!

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