sevenberry fabric bulk discount

Sevenberry September Bulk Discounts

We’re bringing back previous bulk discounts and tacking on some twills and florals!

Sevenberry Bulk Discounts!

These discounts are now discontinued!

The Sevenberry bulk discounts are here to stay for the foreseeable future!

Stock your shelves with Sevenberry, from basics to florals!

5+ Bolts = 10% Discount
8+ Bolts = 20% Discount
10+ Bolts = 30% Discount

Petite Basics
Basic Dots
Nara Homespun
Ventana Twill
Petite Garden

Start A New Sewing Project!

These adorable little scented hearts will keep your wardrobe or drawers smelling fresh (and they make wonderful gifts)!
This pattern takes the humble tote to a whole new level of style, making it perfect as a gift or for when you need a bag that’s practical but elegant!
Add some fun to your kitchen with this heat-resistant oven glove in contrasting fabrics.