sevenberry striped fabric, 3 cotton fabrics laid on each other with different coloured striped, a bolt of pink striped fabric, yellow stripes, and green stripes

Sevenberry July Basics Bonanza!

Introducing the Sevenberry July Basics Bonanza! Mix and match from the Basic Dots and Petite Basics categories to unlock tiered discounts!

Introducing the Sevenberry July Basics Bonanza!

Get ready to dive into a world of delightful dots and petite basics with our exciting promotion. Mix and match from these two extensive basics categories with more colour-ways to choose from than we know what to do with to unlock bulk discounts based on the number of bolts you purchase. It’s time to stock up and save like never before!

Mix & Match with any of the fabrics from the categories on promotion and receive bulk discounts based on the total ordered!
5+ Bolts = 10% Discount
8+ Bolts = 20% Discount
10+ Bolts = 30% Discount

Start saving now! 😄

Petite Basics
Basic Dots

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